Emmissions lowering for old engines

How to lower my engine's emissions ?

1. Have the engine set and maintain it
2. decoke one's engine
3. Prolong decoking with Hypnow's products
4. Use the engine with softness

Old tractor with a Hypnow SPAD to lower the pollution

Who is concerned ?

Today, antipollution standards are more and more stringent, it is normal. For those who can afford new stuff, no problem. But many middle-aged engines still work and help, their owners don't want to get rid of them :
- collector cars
- rural utility vehicules
- faithful tractors
- occasional trucks, food trucks
- gensets or motorpumps

Our old trucks deserve to be de-polluted.

Engine maintenance

A well maintained engine has a reduced pollution to the minimum: - control the combustion
- check air filter cleanliness
- follow the manufacturer oil-change frequency
- no cheap oil nor cheap oil filter
- good quality and well inflated tyres
- controlled parallelism
- quality fuel
- cleaning of the fuel circuit each oil-change
- warm up the engine before driving during winter
Solutions do exist to lower the emissions.

Decoking with hydrogen

Decoking an engine gives back its original characteristics, actually a rebirth. A very efficiient method consists in adding hydrogen (with or without oxygen premix) in the air intake. It works for diesel and gas. One hour is enough for a spectacular result. The pollution is reduced and one can see it reading the emissions control report.
Numerous specialized garages propose such a treatment, whose efficiency has be proven, and well known by the profesionals.
gaz de brown
HHO decokers are very efficient anti-pollution devices

Preventing recoking

HHO fuel cells are onboard decokers, whose little hydrogen flow enhaces the combustion constantly. It is very efficient but not user-freindly since you have to refill with water and electrolyte regularly.
Hypnow rather recommends an antistatic treatment of the fuel and intake air with our devices magn-us and P.E.N, whose installation is simpler and then you forget it : nothing to refill or take care.
The product range designed by Hypnow is first dedicated to fuel savings fuel savings, but a consequence is a strong de polluting effect on engines : these items are powerful antipollution devices.
- increased mileage means less CO2 emitted
- better combustion means far less pollutants (smoke and unburnt hydrocarbons).
We had numerous testimonials from users who passed the roadworthiness pollution test twice : the emissions are lower after installing a Hypnow device.
Cheap fuel savers prolong the lifespan of your pump set.

User good practices

Already described in our summary about fuel savings. The key words are : light weight, low speed, low acceleration.

Let's remember obvious things

Wa are supposed to be smart enough ti use our own anti pollution system : antipollution pour les voitures
upper anti pollution system
Economiseur de carburant
lower anti pollution system